Online Giving

Many members of our church are not aware of a service that we offer for giving. Vanco allows members to automate their giving to the church. Individuals may sign up to give via their debit or credit cards, pick the amount to give, and determine how many times to give in a month or on a specific date. As of now, this is an underutilized product that the church has, so we are trying to get more members to use it.

There are several benefits to using Vanco. First, it is an easy way to automate giving to the church. No more having to remember to bring the checkbook to church every Sunday. Just simply automate and be done! Second, it simplifies the work that goes into counting donations each week, making sure they get entered correctly, and then physically taking the deposit to the bank. Vanco deposits the funds into our bank account for us.

There is one downside, however, the cost. Vanco charges the church a monthly fee to use their service. The fee varies by month, depending on the number of transactions, type (debit or credit) and the amount deposited into our account. However, the more people that sign up to use the service, the more cost-efficient it becomes. We have several members already using Vanco, so it seems to be a good reminder of the product and hopefully more members sign up and use the service.